Changing the calendar


As the sun goes down on 2015 and comes up again for 2016, the calendar is changed to show a fresh new January.


Ummm- Actually in reality, the fridge was blank for a few days because I hadn’t purchased a new calendar, and another calendar in my home was only sorted yesterday…which was the 5th…so I guess I am only now ready for 2016.

But long weekends over Christmas and New Year gives space to think about the threshold. Crossing from one page to another.

2015? That was a great year. My last post which was written ages ago (oops) talked about a new season ….and absolutely it has been. It is still unfolding, and I feel I am on a roller coaster, feeling the g-force,  holding on for dear life, laughing with joy, and feeling the absolute pleasure of The Father towards me.

2016? I can hardly wait!  I haven’t made resolutions. That’s just weird. But I have made a brainstorming board / flow chart type thing instead. Like this:


where the numbered boxes represent outcomes – some are vision and dreams, some are necessary, some are God’s promises or leadings,  some are for fun. There are those that I have the faith for, some are still waiting for that faith download to occur. Then I move into the middle boxes…and some have sub boxes and sub layers.  Here is where I put the more practical steps needing to be done, or achieved and put in place, and ‘ticked off’. These are my starting steps for 2016. I am not going to beat myself up if they aren’t crossed off… removing the fear of failure provides the release to be adventurous in dreaming!!

But most importantly I consider these fluid, because I want to live by the Spirit’s leadings; and obedience to God is a far better idea than crossing off steps in my boxes. And it’s increasing in discernment that I believe allows us to hear His leadings clearer and quicker.

So, happy new year to you!! How do you cross into a new calendar?


Door opening

Door opening.

This is something that I have been pondering on for sometime now.

Are you a door opener?

Okay, let’s backtrack bit.

Firstly I want to say that, yes, absolutely, God is the ultimate ‘door opener’. Seasons are in His hand. He has crafted each one of us, and His hand is on each one of you. He knows what is in your heart, the plans and purposes, the dreams and visions.

And I think that yes, many of you will agree that you have been in a season of being hidden in Him. And for some of you that season has been long, for some it has been challenging, for some, you have all but given up.

So what happens when the season begins to change?

You see, I look across New Zealand, and I feel the season is beginning to change. I think of folk with God’s anointed messages in their hearts, business plans in their dreams, songs on paper,  prophetic words in their journals, hidden, not yet released. And I am beginning to feel a stirring.

Now, I love to sit under well known ministries. The fore-runners – with the impartations, the faith building stories, the anointings, the revelations, the wisdom, the teaching. Come on! That is all good.

But, the stirring I feel tells me, that there are anointings, revelations, teaching, prophetic messages, music, etc that God is wanting to begin to release in New Zealand , that right now are hidden in homes, churches, towns, marae, across this nation.

So let’s begin to think as door openers. Because God always works in partnership with us doesn’t He?!

We pray for open doors, we declare doors to be open, we look for open doors, we are ready to receive open doors. And that is all good. The keys of the kingdom being released. But, who is doing the opening? (Remembering that I said although God is ultimate door opener, He uses His people). If all we are doing is looking for doors to be opened, then there is a problem… and will be a problem.

Some may call it being a releaser, or raising up the next generation… but I see it as more broad than that. A door opener carries the heart of a giver, of an encourager, of a visionary, a supporter. It is not aged based.

It is seeing what God has created in someone, and providing space , resources, an open avenue, opportunity,   for that person.

Remember in Galations, where it is written of Paul, that due to his revelation, he decided to double check with others that he was on the right track..

  and when James and Cephas and John, …, perceived the grace that was given to me… (ESVST) Galations 2:9

They perceived the grace on him. As door openers we need to perceive God’s grace on others. Just because someone’s revelation, gifts, skills, call maybe radically different, we can still open doors for them, or accept them as the people who God leads through the door we opened.


Who is in your sphere? Who do you know that you can open a door for?

Or what doors can you open, and see who God leads through?

Remember the 11 disciples deciding to cast lots to see who would replace Judas? They opened a door, and God lead Matthias through.

Let’s be door openers and look for opportunities to release the giftings and dreams of the folks around us.