That tweet.

What are you chewing on at the moment? Or gulping down in hunger… or licking in thought? Is it a word from God, The Word, an Encounter, vision or dream , maybe a song, a book, a podcast? How is He ministering to you at present?

For me – I made a discovery last year.

It all began as a tweet that appeared on my phone, that caught my attention. I don’t recall the exact details.. but it made mention of a book volume ‘Ladies of Gold’. And for whatever reason (again forgotten), I followed the link to check it out. Decided it was a must-read and added to my GoodReads list. (And it still is in the to-read category because I still haven’t obtained a copy – YET).

Anyway, I didn’t recognise the author’s name.. sorry James Maloney if you ever pass by here. But I had heard zero, zilch, nought about you. But saw a recommendation by Bill Johnson.

So my reasoning was as follows.. based on the fact that what I’ve read and listened to of Bill’s, and the fact that I first discovered his ministry through Randy Clark… and many years ago I went on a ministry team trip with Global Awakening (Randy and co) … I figured James Maloney was someone to ‘check out’. So I was quite excited to discover an advert for a trip out to Auckland, New Zealand (Nov 2012). My city!

Wouldn’t you know it.. but of all the weeks of 2012 (which was a year of quiet evenings.. my most busiest week fell the same week as the conference. I could only make the first night. And first nights aren’t always the highlight, you know?

So I went hungry to grab all I could of what he carries in God. ‘Even the dogs eat the crumbs from under the table..’. No matter it was the first night, it was my only night.. I was going to soak up all I could!

And soaked up I did. God poured into me. If you’ve read any of my previous posts you may have learned how my heart longs for people to have intimacy with God. To know His love for them. And in turn minister His love. How I long to see the supernatural – the deliverances, healings, dead raised.. the book of Acts being our everyday experience.

Here was someone who carried and experienced this far far more than I. I was eating up every crumb I could. Then, God in His great beauty led James to minister and anoint with oil, all those who wanted it, an inheritance in all that he carried, and those who had ministered into his life. (Remember that Ladies of Gold I haven’t read yet..) . Wow. Just wow. I felt so humbled and honoured to be present that night, to receive that. A precious precious evening. I know I haven’t grasped it properly even now. A sense of solemn responsibility meshed with excitement and being loved on.

And, so to continue to soak up what God was doing, I bought a copy of The Dancing Hand- vol 1, and The Panoramic Seer. I’ve read both and will reread both more slowly a second and probably third + times. I thoroughly recommend them.

So, at present God is ministering to me through another man’s ministry. Plus I want to check out a couple of other ministries he recommends. There is some teaching material I think I would like to get my teeth into.. and I have a few more books added to my must-read list! 2013 has begun!


Feature for the week

Releasing the sound of God – it sounds a bit mystical doesn’t it and yet its not. The sound of God is not some mysterious sound like a roar or a wind, although he does use those; it’s the sound of his voice as he speaks to you and me. One of the common ways his sound is heard is in prophetic words, yet unfortunately many times prophetic people have unknowingly misrepresented God by the way they deliver what they hear from Him.

You see, prophecy isn’t just about delivering words, its about releasing God’s intention, heart and power into a situation or into a person’s life. And God always speaks with intention – his words are spoken for a purpose, to achieve something (Is 55:11). But prophecy is not just about saying the right words; it’s also about releasing the sound of God’s voice (his heart) into a situation…

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