Door opening

Door opening.

This is something that I have been pondering on for sometime now.

Are you a door opener?

Okay, let’s backtrack bit.

Firstly I want to say that, yes, absolutely, God is the ultimate ‘door opener’. Seasons are in His hand. He has crafted each one of us, and His hand is on each one of you. He knows what is in your heart, the plans and purposes, the dreams and visions.

And I think that yes, many of you will agree that you have been in a season of being hidden in Him. And for some of you that season has been long, for some it has been challenging, for some, you have all but given up.

So what happens when the season begins to change?

You see, I look across New Zealand, and I feel the season is beginning to change. I think of folk with God’s anointed messages in their hearts, business plans in their dreams, songs on paper,  prophetic words in their journals, hidden, not yet released. And I am beginning to feel a stirring.

Now, I love to sit under well known ministries. The fore-runners – with the impartations, the faith building stories, the anointings, the revelations, the wisdom, the teaching. Come on! That is all good.

But, the stirring I feel tells me, that there are anointings, revelations, teaching, prophetic messages, music, etc that God is wanting to begin to release in New Zealand , that right now are hidden in homes, churches, towns, marae, across this nation.

So let’s begin to think as door openers. Because God always works in partnership with us doesn’t He?!

We pray for open doors, we declare doors to be open, we look for open doors, we are ready to receive open doors. And that is all good. The keys of the kingdom being released. But, who is doing the opening? (Remembering that I said although God is ultimate door opener, He uses His people). If all we are doing is looking for doors to be opened, then there is a problem… and will be a problem.

Some may call it being a releaser, or raising up the next generation… but I see it as more broad than that. A door opener carries the heart of a giver, of an encourager, of a visionary, a supporter. It is not aged based.

It is seeing what God has created in someone, and providing space , resources, an open avenue, opportunity,   for that person.

Remember in Galations, where it is written of Paul, that due to his revelation, he decided to double check with others that he was on the right track..

  and when James and Cephas and John, …, perceived the grace that was given to me… (ESVST) Galations 2:9

They perceived the grace on him. As door openers we need to perceive God’s grace on others. Just because someone’s revelation, gifts, skills, call maybe radically different, we can still open doors for them, or accept them as the people who God leads through the door we opened.


Who is in your sphere? Who do you know that you can open a door for?

Or what doors can you open, and see who God leads through?

Remember the 11 disciples deciding to cast lots to see who would replace Judas? They opened a door, and God lead Matthias through.

Let’s be door openers and look for opportunities to release the giftings and dreams of the folks around us.


Quietly contemplating humility

If you happen to be a tramper, bushwalker, hiker in northern New Zealand, then undoubtedly you have heard of kauri dieback disease. A fungal infection killing off the beautiful ancient kauri trees, and destroying our forests. Some tracks have now been closed. We are no longer able to enjoy those places and sites. In other areas, before entering a track, one must cross the ‘disinfectant zone’. Boots are scrubbed and sprayed to cover them in disinfectant before entering or exiting a track, to aid in the long term future of those trees.

What’s this got to do with humility?


Because I have been contemplating humility. Yes, that’s correct. Humility.

The way I picture it, we are on a journey discovering God and His kingdom, discovering His glory, we have a future of greater intimacy with Him, of encounters, visitations, being caught up in the Spirit.. and seeing Him minister to the folks around us. It is a beautiful journey, the most stunning scenery, – even if the track gets a bit bumpy from time to time!

And I can see that, for this journey to continue, for greater clarity, for experiencing more of Him, I need to pause at the ‘disinfectant zone’. That is, I am pausing this past week or two, at the vital place of humility.
Contemplating the necessity of humility. How I need it to be increased in my life.

I see how Jesus, when He was on earth as The Son of Man, walked in, lived in, ministered in humility. He is humility.

For us to experience more of the supernatural power of God, to minister out of encounters, to love furiously, consistently, long-term, I am struck by how great a part humility plays in this. 

1 Peter 5 says we are to clothe ourselves in humility.

Col 3:12 speaks of ‘putting on’ humility (along with kindness, meekness ..).

Romans 13:14 Paul writes about ‘putting on Jesus’ the ‘armor of light’.

See that? Putting on – clothing ourselves with Christ. Clothing ourselves with His attributes, that He appears to others through us.

We are to be humble. 1 Peter 5. God looks upon the lowly. Gives grace to the humble. 

Because we are earthen vessels, (yes loved, redemmed, seated with Christ, alive in Him), but still earthen vessels that He has chosen to place His treasure inside, we in our own strength, our own efforts , cannot walk in true humility. We need Jesus’ humility. We need Jesus. To be clothed in Him.
Downloaded with His humility.

As we humble ourselves, allowing and receiving Jesus to clothe us, His grace comes. (Remember: He gives grace to the humble).

I am loving Strong’s description of grace (charis)….

‘Especially the divine influence upon the heart, and it’s reflection in the life’

How awesome is that. How powerful. His Divine influence upon our hearts. His transforming power, His character upon our hearts. And it’s reflection.. wow. To reflect the Divine, that people see Jesus and not ourselves. That people encounter Jesus …

Clothe me with Your humility Jesus.

Peggy and Christine

Maybe you have heard of  (or even knew) Peggy and Christine.  I would have liked to have met them.

I know nothing of their early lives. But the legacy they left, and the things they witnessed,  move me. We read of them – one blind and 84 years old.  The other bent over with arthritis and 82 yrs. Sisters.

Age is no barrier, sickness no barrier to living in great intimacy with God. To being used by God.

God spoke

“I will pour water upon him that is thirsty and floods upon the dry ground,”

so they prayed twice weekly from 10pm to 3 – 4am for their area.  In response to a further vision Peggy had, a group of men started praying at the same time in a barn. And then a preacher was brought in.

Prayer and action.

And so began an outpouring of the Holy Ghost, so powerful that communities were transformed. A revival that lasted 30 years.

Revival In The Hebrides


That simple verse that God gives you for your area …. don’t tuck it away. Begin to pray it. Fight for it. Declare it. Plead for it. Find other like minded people and pray it together.  If you have no verse/promise for your family or community… now is a good time to seek God for one.

Our nation needs God.

What verse are you pleading over your family, city, nation?






That feeling when my heart burns. When passion stirs, faith increases and excitement builds.

I have been spending the last few weeks increasing my time in prayer. Increasing time  soaking in God’s presence, listening to worship music, listening to podcasts, and digging into God’s Word more.   I would love to spend even more time, but life of a mum, and employer, means I can’t just take off into a cave at the moment. (oh how that would be good!)

Psalm 4:4B   captivated my heart last week.  Although somewhat out of context, it has  gripped me afresh.

“Meditate within your heart on your bed, and be still.

My morning commute to work has always been a great time to pray.  Over this time it has become  a very powerful time.

I am excited. I am praying for an awakening in NZ. I’m praying for restoration for various people/ministries I know. Fires to be re-lit, intimacy with the Holy Spirit restored. I’m praying for signs and wonders. For salvations, conviction, the Holiness  of God. I’m praying for the power of God to be received when the Holy Spirit comes upon people.

I’m praying for more.

And I’m excited to read

Psalm 6:9 The Lord has heard my supplication;
The Lord will receive my prayer

I am filled with anticipation!

Delivered Part 1


Delivered from bondage.

I love to see folk delivered from whatever it is that is restricting them to be free.  Delivered from ourselves. That is Jesus’ gift to us.

Delivered from trying circumstances.  From ‘dead-end’ situations. From demonic oppression.  Addictions.  Disease. Death. From our own boxes, mindsets, cultural ‘norms’.

I am currently re-reading Exodus.  I love reading God’s heart to set the children of Israel free.  They were living

their lives bitter with hard bondage  Exodus 1:14

Fast-forward a few years ( which means this bondage was not a short-term experience. It was multi-generational and becoming cultural norm).  Moses was born.

the children of Israel groaned because of the bondage, and they cried out; and their cry came up to God because of the bondage. Exodus 2:24

The children of Israel cried out. And their cry was heard.

And God’s heart can be seen in His conversation with Moses..

“I have surely seen the oppression of My people who are in Egypt, and have heard their cry because of their taskmasters, for I know their sorrows. Exodus 3:7

God knows your sorrows.  He sees your bondage.  Hears your cries.  – And His response?

So I have come down to deliver them ..  Exodus 3:8

I fully believe that God looks over New Zealand and sees the bondage.  Hears the cries. Knows the sorrows.  His heart, just as it was those many years ago, is the same…. it is for deliverance.  He is The Deliverer.

The reveal

Luke 24. Now there is a chapter to read and re-read. And re-read again!

I was reading it earlier this week. And have been soaking in the words of verse 31.

Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him, and he disappeared from their sight.  Luke 24:31

Or in my phone’s Bible reader.. ‘ He became invisible’

Either way – what an awesome account of Jesus revealing himself to a few folks. At first they don’t recognise Him as He teaches about Himself, but later as they have a meal together and He breaks bread, their eyes are opened. They see Him as Jesus. Their Saviour. The Son of God. And then He vanishes.

Reading this makes me hunger all the more. Hunger for having encounters with Jesus. For greater intimacy with Him. For more of His Manifest presence. For His Supernatural self. I love how He blows our minds and boxes of how we think He should come. I pray that I will always recognise Him, and what He is doing.

I pray for an awakening in this land. Where eyes are opened to His presence. Where Jesus reveals Himself.  I think of awakenings in our global history. How communities are changed because of encountering Him, and His Righteousness.  Think about it… Marae becoming communities of deliverance and healings.  Police bored because crime has stopped (it happened in Wales). Doctors retiring because the medical centres are empty. Traditional rush hour traffic and congested areas radically altered because priorities have changed.

Names added to the Book of Life. Eternity in the Presence of God.

So, I pray for Jesus to be revealed. In each of us. In powerful life changing encounters. That His Word would burn in us. The understanding of who He is.

Come Lord Jesus, Come!

The pioneer spirit

There is something about Northland, New Zealand that I love. The pioneering history. Of missionaries, kauri logging and gum-digging. It’s the pioneering spirit that resonates.  The raw, hard-working, visionary folk that peppered the country. Missionaries bringing the gospel (politics aside) to the nation. Establishing churches and communities of faith and prayer.

I spent last Christmas in Waipu.  A settlement that was built on the vision and work of a Scottish preacher. As I sat on a deck overlooking the region, reading a novel based on the land I was seeing, I thought of the hard work and hard environs in which those early settlers lived.

Churches built in remote places,  ministers/pastors preaching and pastoring in wild country. Preaching circuits were by horseback. I think of the mission Te Mu at Te Wairoa, made famous by being destroyed by Mt Tarawera’s eruption. I think of a camp meeting in Port Albert, with an Amercian evangelist in the c. 1880’s. Closed down by police for being too unruly. Yet leaving a legacy of salvations, and people going onto become ministers and preachers in this nation. I think of Ratana and his prophetic/healing ministry and the hundreds who found Jesus.

How many more have faithfully served in this nation.  Who poured their lives out as living sacrifices. I honour those preachers and ministers in the history of our nation.

Maybe the landscapes have changed, the challenges have a different look these days. But our God is the same God. The Word is the same. The Holy Spirit, the presence of God that captivated hearts then, continues to minister today.

‘Finally my brothers, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.’  Eph 6:10