Door opening

Door opening.

This is something that I have been pondering on for sometime now.

Are you a door opener?

Okay, let’s backtrack bit.

Firstly I want to say that, yes, absolutely, God is the ultimate ‘door opener’. Seasons are in His hand. He has crafted each one of us, and His hand is on each one of you. He knows what is in your heart, the plans and purposes, the dreams and visions.

And I think that yes, many of you will agree that you have been in a season of being hidden in Him. And for some of you that season has been long, for some it has been challenging, for some, you have all but given up.

So what happens when the season begins to change?

You see, I look across New Zealand, and I feel the season is beginning to change. I think of folk with God’s anointed messages in their hearts, business plans in their dreams, songs on paper,  prophetic words in their journals, hidden, not yet released. And I am beginning to feel a stirring.

Now, I love to sit under well known ministries. The fore-runners – with the impartations, the faith building stories, the anointings, the revelations, the wisdom, the teaching. Come on! That is all good.

But, the stirring I feel tells me, that there are anointings, revelations, teaching, prophetic messages, music, etc that God is wanting to begin to release in New Zealand , that right now are hidden in homes, churches, towns, marae, across this nation.

So let’s begin to think as door openers. Because God always works in partnership with us doesn’t He?!

We pray for open doors, we declare doors to be open, we look for open doors, we are ready to receive open doors. And that is all good. The keys of the kingdom being released. But, who is doing the opening? (Remembering that I said although God is ultimate door opener, He uses His people). If all we are doing is looking for doors to be opened, then there is a problem… and will be a problem.

Some may call it being a releaser, or raising up the next generation… but I see it as more broad than that. A door opener carries the heart of a giver, of an encourager, of a visionary, a supporter. It is not aged based.

It is seeing what God has created in someone, and providing space , resources, an open avenue, opportunity,   for that person.

Remember in Galations, where it is written of Paul, that due to his revelation, he decided to double check with others that he was on the right track..

  and when James and Cephas and John, …, perceived the grace that was given to me… (ESVST) Galations 2:9

They perceived the grace on him. As door openers we need to perceive God’s grace on others. Just because someone’s revelation, gifts, skills, call maybe radically different, we can still open doors for them, or accept them as the people who God leads through the door we opened.


Who is in your sphere? Who do you know that you can open a door for?

Or what doors can you open, and see who God leads through?

Remember the 11 disciples deciding to cast lots to see who would replace Judas? They opened a door, and God lead Matthias through.

Let’s be door openers and look for opportunities to release the giftings and dreams of the folks around us.


Resurrection of Dreams

I ministered this past Sunday evening at my local church.  It’s been over a year since I’ve done this. And I felt rather rusty.  But I did know, that what I had to give was a clear word I heard from God. “Resurrection of Dreams’.

There were dreams in that room, that had become dead and buried.

from any number of reason.

Circumstances in life…. health issues, financial issues, family/relationship issues.

Time… the dream had been there for a long long long time..and hope had been deferred. Or, time was ticking away.. and there didn’t seem to be enough season left.

“Did a Jonah’ .. walking, hiding from dreams due to hurts, disappointments, lack of confidence, or perhaps the dream is outside of ‘family culture’

Lack of release…. Maybe a door hasn’t opened up. We are to open doors for one another. Be built together as a body. Are we opening doors for those around us?

God’s season of surrender.. the smelter process. Maybe God has been holding back the dream from progressing, to give time for the refining to take place. Pride, arrogance, identity etc.. all need to feel the burn.

There were dreams in that room, that God was resurrecting.

God’s grace is given to us for good works. Reading Ephesians, Paul knows clearly what Jesus gave Him grace for. And that those works have been prepared for us.

His grace – His favour is all powerful, victorious and mighty. He stands in glory. He is life. He is resurrection.

And so, I prayed for His resurrection power to flow.

May the dreams that have been dead and buried come to life in Jesus’ name!

What’s in my hand?

When was the last time you were encouraged? Where someone said something, sent a txt, emailed, rang, invited you for dinner, or just turned up to show their support? There is a huge need for encouragement in the hearts of believers. For the body. Just watch the crowds flock to hear ‘prophetic ministry’.

Such a desperation shows me two things.

Firstly, that people are going through tough times. This shouldn’t be a surprise. The Bible assumes afflictions. Although knowing that, doesn’t make things any easier! 🙂

Secondly, that there is a shortage of encouragement.  Encouragement is a result of action. Practical love.  It takes initiation. Risk. Obediance to the directives of the Holy Spirit.

Just look at Paul the apostle’s ministry.   Look at his heart towards the churches he ministered to. His travels – his ‘itinerant ministry’ was not to give him a boost in income. Not to give him a ‘name’. Not to promote himself.  Read both books of Thessalonians.  He writes of a trip to the church

‘So, affectionately longing for you, we were pleased to impart to you not only the gospel of God, but also our own lives, because you had become dear to us.’  1Thess 1:1

Again he longed to visit them.  He prayed for them,’ remembering without ceasing’, he was ‘eager to see their face’.  And when he could no longer endure not seeing them, Paul sent Timothy to go and encourage the church.

And, then he wrote the letters to tell them.

We are instructed to encourage one another and even more as we see The Day approaching.

So I challenge you to develop or strengthen this form of practical love. God can use whatever is in your hands. Do you have a cell phone? If you find yourself thinking about someone… don’t just pray for them (and yes that is important). How about flicking off a text to say you are.  Do you have a child and crayons? How about them making a card for someone?  Have a spare evening? Create a ‘guest night’ and invite different folks over for dinner.  Yes it takes initiation. Yes, it can take effort. But God can take the little in your hand, and minister mightly to another.



A life poured out

Poured out.                                               2Tim 4:6;   Phil 2:17

I love reading Paul’s letters. He lived a life poured out – and he was aware of it. He had chosen to live that way.

Jesus tells us ‘Freely you have received, freely give’ Matt 10:8.  Love is our greatest gift. Jesus’ love. Placed into human hands. So what does this look like? I fully believe that we aren’t anywhere near realizing what this looks like.  It’s not our own love, it’s not our own motives, our own strength.
It’s a life poured out. Selfless, led by the Spirit.  Empowered. It’s ministering healing. It’s ministering deliverance. It’s practical. It’s caring for the widows, the fatherless, the poor. It’s serving. It’s preferring others. It’s initiating action. It’s sacrifice.

I have been crucified with Christ. It’s no longer I that lives but Christ that lives in me.

What would it look like if we all lived like that?  If one purposed to seek a revelation of God’s love for oneself, and equally, a revelation of God’s love for all mankind.  Is that not the commandments that Jesus gave?!  Loving God and loving one another.  If families walked like this, ministering to other families. If churches lived like this… ministering to their communities…to each other?!