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Why this blog?  Well,  I love Jesus.  And I know without a doubt that He loves me – and you.

Who am I?  Rachael Bennett.  A wife, and mother to a school aged son. I work part-time in pharmacy.  We  had 2 years in Bible/ministry school, and internship programme – many moons ago.  Have served on a church leadership team,   and have been on mission.  Currently hanging out at a local church in Auckland, New Zealand

        I love the fact that :   

 My God is The Great God. The God of the prophets of old. Of the disciples and apostles of the Bible. Of the hundreds of believers before. And he is our God! This generation right now. And the next.

My heart has been captivated by God’s love for me.  It’s been broken in surrender. And in my journey, I am discovering and understanding (with a whole lot more to understand!) His great love for us all.  

Our greatest days are upon us. God’s desire and purpose for His people to move in His supernatural power, in His divine love, to be a light radiating Him, is being deposited into hearts, and we are dreaming of the same.

I want to see God be known. For folks to grow in great intimacy with Him. To encounter Him. To know Him in His power and His glory. To reflect Him. To reflect His light. To see people saved, healed, delivered, risen from the dead.  It is God’s desire. It’s His heart to love and deliver. To heal. To save. That is who He is.

And I want to see us folks ministering His heart to the ones next to us. Loving one another. Preferring one another. I want to see folks in the ‘secret place’, encountering His presence; living in awe of Him, His glory and being caught up in the Spirit, hearing His voice, seeing in the Spirit. Being translated, transported….then ministering to others from those encounters.

So this blog is my ponderings. My thoughts. And the stirrings of my heart. I pray that as you journey with the Holy Spirit, faithfully pursuing His presence, faithfully obeying, surrendering to His workings… that you’ll come to know Him more and the working of His great power!

So for you, I pray for fresh oil. May the Holy Ghost lead you to encounters with Him. To the cross of surrender, and freedom. To His glory and power.

We all need a little oil. His oil.


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