Changing the calendar


As the sun goes down on 2015 and comes up again for 2016, the calendar is changed to show a fresh new January.


Ummm- Actually in reality, the fridge was blank for a few days because I hadn’t purchased a new calendar, and another calendar in my home was only sorted yesterday…which was the 5th…so I guess I am only now ready for 2016.

But long weekends over Christmas and New Year gives space to think about the threshold. Crossing from one page to another.

2015? That was a great year. My last post which was written ages ago (oops) talked about a new season ….and absolutely it has been. It is still unfolding, and I feel I am on a roller coaster, feeling the g-force,  holding on for dear life, laughing with joy, and feeling the absolute pleasure of The Father towards me.

2016? I can hardly wait!  I haven’t made resolutions. That’s just weird. But I have made a brainstorming board / flow chart type thing instead. Like this:


where the numbered boxes represent outcomes – some are vision and dreams, some are necessary, some are God’s promises or leadings,  some are for fun. There are those that I have the faith for, some are still waiting for that faith download to occur. Then I move into the middle boxes…and some have sub boxes and sub layers.  Here is where I put the more practical steps needing to be done, or achieved and put in place, and ‘ticked off’. These are my starting steps for 2016. I am not going to beat myself up if they aren’t crossed off… removing the fear of failure provides the release to be adventurous in dreaming!!

But most importantly I consider these fluid, because I want to live by the Spirit’s leadings; and obedience to God is a far better idea than crossing off steps in my boxes. And it’s increasing in discernment that I believe allows us to hear His leadings clearer and quicker.

So, happy new year to you!! How do you cross into a new calendar?


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