Another exciting bit of 2014 I want to share with you, is that I joined

The Voice of the Dove Company


Voice of the Dove Company

James and Joy Maloney’s ministry has so impacted me over the last few years, and if you’ve read earlier posts, you’ll know the story of how God brought them to my attention through a random tweet I read.

Because their heart, writings, and ministry resonate so deeply,  it was a certain response on my part, to join their community, to support, to take a hold of the inheritance they carry!


Cultivating awe

As 2014 draws to the close, I will share a few posts about some of my year.

Cultivating Awe.
This in a way sums up 2014 for me… or rather what has been one of the major impacts this year.

One aspect of God is His father-heart. A place of love and intimacy. It is vital to know Him as our father. I’ve written and spoken on this many times.

Yet, there is also another aspect of God’s nature. Where we tremble at His glorious greatness. And in this season, I’ve been seeking to know Him more, in this gloriousness.

God is The Great I Am. He IS majestic. All powerful. He IS holy. He is splendor, He is beauty. He is overwhelmingly good, faithful, loving, generous, …. you get my drift.  He is my God and I love to be in His presence.

This year I have begun to more purposefully seek to know Him in His might and  ‘glorious-ness’. My soaking / waiting-on-God times changed. I turned off the worship music, and began to just sit. In Awe. To see Him in His vastness. In His greatness. To sit revelling in who He is. In wonder.

And it’s impact has been powerful.  It flushes out ego… removes the who-I-am nature.  It builds discernment.  It is resting in Him. Waiting on Him. Faith increases. The atmosphere of the miraculous. Of the supernatural. Of being caught up in the Spirit.

As in the book of Revelation… the living creatures in the presence of God encounter His majesty and purity… the cry is “Holy, holy, holy,  Lord God Almighty” Rev 4:8