Prophetic dream regarding the children.

Thursday morning I woke from a dream. I woke exhausted, as if I had worked hard all night.

I dreamt of a child I know. She is eight years old, and the daughter of a friend. I haven’t seen her much in the last few years, not as much as I did in her baby/ toddler phase when our worlds connected more regularly.

In my dream, she was an adult, and she was in labour, about to give birth. I was her support person, encouaging her through the pain, rubbing her back, and reassuring her.

The dream felt it went on for hours, as though I dreamt her labour in real time.

After I woke, God unfolded what He was saying. This 8yr old girl was a symbol of her generation. Children now, but once they reach adulthood, God is going to birth something through them. And I (along with many of you), will be supporting them, encouraging them, mentoring them, as the Lord moves.