Today is New Year’s Day. Happy New Year to you!!


Most often, at this time of year, we take stock of the past year, make adjustments for the year ahead, seek God’s directions for where to use our time and resources, and always eat far too much. Or hide our heads in the sand for a short period of holiday time.

This year,
I roll into 2014 feeling full. (Yes, there were many chocolates, but that’s not the type of full I’m talking about – in case you wondered).

Rather, full of God’s goodness. I feel full of anticipation for what He is going to do, and for what I am going to see. His supernatural movings. For the last few months the phrase ‘you have not been this way before’ has echoed within me. And so I haven’t.

I have been, over the last year, and know I am still, in a transition period. And know many of you are.

I go into 2014 desiring to spend more time sitting in the presence of my God. Digging into my Bible. Worshipping Him. Encountering Him. Knowing Him more. Being in awe of Him more.

And I continue to be

Praying for greater discernment, faith and encounter. For greater compassion, grace and power.

The Vats are full. The Vats of His goodness.

so your barns will be filled with abundance, and your vats will burst open with new wine.

Proverbs 3:10

So exciting!!
I feel I am only at the beginning of the journey.