New Beginnings

New Beginnings.

Ahhhh. I drink it in. The fresh drops of a new season. And it tastes good.

It’s been a long parched season. Although un-enjoyable in it’s challenges and struggles, it’s been priceless in God using circumstances to crush, to refine, re-define, purge and shape who I am. Who He has created me as. The purgings of  God is a holy journey.

But there is the smell of newness in the air!  Do you smell it too?

A month ago I had a dream. The dream began with me inside a house with a few other nameless people. We were in a heightened atmosphere of anticipation. Apparently, a volcano behind the house, that had been inactive for a long, long time, was about to erupt.  Then we heard it thunder and we went around the house to look. My first reaction was of disappointment. I had been expecting and anticipating, chaos, a huge thunderous, spectacular eruption. But it was barely visible. What had happpened was powerful but hidden. It was almost like a private residential bore, a well like structure, which had a large pipe running up the middle, like an overflow pipe. I looked into the ‘well’ and it was filled to the brim with thick, molten magma, moving in a rolling boil type action. We went back inside. Then there was an enormous bang which shook the whole house. We went back to look. It looked exactly the same, but I knew that the boiling magma was to stay. It wasn’t going to subside down. It was now a permanent source of power hidden behind the house….  The next scene, I was walking up the road from the house when someone I know came rushing up to me. This person was excited, but the stronger emotion was that of exhausted relief. He told me that now both his parents were living in Jesus. (In other words, both his parents were now walking in a close, healthy relationship with God). His relief, I instantly could tell, was from years of praying for them. Instantly my husband, who had been next to me the whole time, turned to me and said ‘I prophesy it’s a season of new beginnings’. There my dream ended.

There is a lot in that dream to explore. Which I wont do here, but I do want to mention one thing.

We need God’s power. We need that active power. To be as Jesus was as the Son of Man.. ‘full of and under the power of the [Holy] Spirit.. Luke 4:14  . I so very much desire to see the miraculous power of God operate in my life, and to operate in the lives of others.

I am being stirred up. I have just finished reading The Dancing Hand of God: vol 2

Both volumes have resonated so strongly with my heart and spirit.  I am adding the link here, if you are interested.  There is so much in these books, that I am going to go back through them using them as study material, with my Bible.

A new season dawns. It has begun with fervour for His Word. I am hungry for the Word of God. This new beginning has begun with a desire to grow in faith, to have my faith added to, it has begun with a desire to hear and see in a far greater clarity. It has begun with a need for greater discernment. And most important of all, is my longing to spend time with Jesus, in the presence of God. In that secret, still space.