Communion is a time when we can come together before Jesus.  To worship Him. To humble ourselves before Him. Honour Him. To love on Him.. and to receive His love for us.

This morning’s message I shared a word I felt God was speaking to the church.

Consecration. To set ourselves apart to God.  We consecrate ourselves before God. The good, the bad and the ugly. Give Him our skills, our dreams, our relationship with Him, our relationship with others. Give Him our weaknesses, our sin, our struggles. Our disappointments, discouragements, loneliness. Consecrate ourselves as earthen vessels, that He would make holy, sanctified and filled with His Spirit.

Why? Among other reasons.. as the first step into a new season.

I heard the Word ‘Grow. Grow. Grow’.  A season coming of growth. Growth in skills and giftings, growth in intimacy with Jesus, growth in relationship, growth in knowledge of God’s kingdom, growth in wisdom.



Are there places in your heart that need to be consecrated.. brought before God?  Come before Him, get into His presence, wait on Him, and lay those things before His throne.

And perhaps the word ‘Grow’ is relevant for you too.  Where do you feel God is causing, asking, challenging, opening doors for you to grow?  In relationship with Him, in ministry, in your family, your job? Maybe a growing of fresh passions, of new ventures. Business ideas. Missions.

If this is you… take some time.. (you know.. that luxury in life) and come before God in consecration. It’s time to come before His throne.



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