Resurrection of Dreams

I ministered this past Sunday evening at my local church.  It’s been over a year since I’ve done this. And I felt rather rusty.  But I did know, that what I had to give was a clear word I heard from God. “Resurrection of Dreams’.

There were dreams in that room, that had become dead and buried.

from any number of reason.

Circumstances in life…. health issues, financial issues, family/relationship issues.

Time… the dream had been there for a long long long time..and hope had been deferred. Or, time was ticking away.. and there didn’t seem to be enough season left.

“Did a Jonah’ .. walking, hiding from dreams due to hurts, disappointments, lack of confidence, or perhaps the dream is outside of ‘family culture’

Lack of release…. Maybe a door hasn’t opened up. We are to open doors for one another. Be built together as a body. Are we opening doors for those around us?

God’s season of surrender.. the smelter process. Maybe God has been holding back the dream from progressing, to give time for the refining to take place. Pride, arrogance, identity etc.. all need to feel the burn.

There were dreams in that room, that God was resurrecting.

God’s grace is given to us for good works. Reading Ephesians, Paul knows clearly what Jesus gave Him grace for. And that those works have been prepared for us.

His grace – His favour is all powerful, victorious and mighty. He stands in glory. He is life. He is resurrection.

And so, I prayed for His resurrection power to flow.

May the dreams that have been dead and buried come to life in Jesus’ name!