Peggy and Christine

Maybe you have heard of  (or even knew) Peggy and Christine.  I would have liked to have met them.

I know nothing of their early lives. But the legacy they left, and the things they witnessed,  move me. We read of them – one blind and 84 years old.  The other bent over with arthritis and 82 yrs. Sisters.

Age is no barrier, sickness no barrier to living in great intimacy with God. To being used by God.

God spoke

“I will pour water upon him that is thirsty and floods upon the dry ground,”

so they prayed twice weekly from 10pm to 3 – 4am for their area.  In response to a further vision Peggy had, a group of men started praying at the same time in a barn. And then a preacher was brought in.

Prayer and action.

And so began an outpouring of the Holy Ghost, so powerful that communities were transformed. A revival that lasted 30 years.

Revival In The Hebrides


That simple verse that God gives you for your area …. don’t tuck it away. Begin to pray it. Fight for it. Declare it. Plead for it. Find other like minded people and pray it together.  If you have no verse/promise for your family or community… now is a good time to seek God for one.

Our nation needs God.

What verse are you pleading over your family, city, nation?





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