At home we have been following the Australian version of ‘The Voice’ over the last few evenings.  And I’m really enjoying it.

What I’m loving the most, is watching the effect that the opportunity given to the contestants ‘to be heard’, is having. Dreams that some have carried for years are being given a platform. This opportunity is gifting them a voice. It’s gifting them affirmation, and it’s giving us the pleasure of listening.

I hear a lot and read a lot of messages inspiring people to go after their call.  To not hold back, to step out in their dreams, their visions, their destiny.  And I am all for that. I’m all for people discovering what they have been created for. What plans God has for them, and seeking God’s direction and going for it. Yes. Absolutely.

But what I hear a whole  lot less about, is messages on giving opportunities.  Yes God has His timings and His seasons.  But He  uses us. Our hands open the doors for others to step through, for others to develop  their areas of ministry and giftings. And in turn, enable further people to be ministered to, by their giftings.

What number of teachers, prophets, preachers, worship ministries, community programmers, pastoral care ministries, prayer houses, youth or children’s workers are lying dormant due to lack of opportunity?

It’s not going to look pretty.  It wont looked polished.  It might even go pear-shaped and outright crazy…. but isn’t that the journey we’re on?  Journeying together?

I love to look around and see who I can offer an opportunity to.  When I ran children’s church I loved to give opportunities to others to use their giftings.  A musician to come in and play, an artist to do creative lessons,  youth to bring a message.

In my day to day job, I have a lot to do with interns. The same principle works. Giving them opportunities to do varied roles.  Not just the dud jobs that I don’t like doing, but standing back and letting them do the fun things. Many times people struggle with lack of confidence or low self-esteem, thereby not speaking of their dreams within their heart. Often we need to be the proactive ones asking God to show us someone to offer an opportunity to (and allowing Him to surprise us with His choice!). It’s also training oneself to recognise opportunities that can be given.  ‘Just another job’ could be a door for someone else.

I honour the men and women in my own  life who have gifted me opportunities. Their grace. Their willingness. I honour all those that  open up doors of opportunity to the folk around them. The releasers. The equippers.

And I look forward to the hidden jems that will be unearthed!


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