It’s simple. Isn’t it?

Two commandments.  That is all.  It’s that simple.

Love God

Love one another.

As I began to explore John’s writings on abiding, and reading of the relationship between abiding in God and loving others, I kept coming back to these two commandments.

Having experienced revelation of Jesus’ love for me,  I began asking for His love for others. Because let’s face it, I think we don’t really know how to love others as He does. I’m not flogging myself in saying that. I just think human nature is self-serving to a large extent.  So I decided on asking God for His love, to see people through His eyes.  Because I know it’s His love that ministers.  It’s His love that delivers, heals, encourages, strengthens, makes whole..  And because I believe He is fully able to place the grace for that love in our hearts.

It’s been many years since I first prayed that. There have been the ugly seasons. Where I have learnt that love takes risk. And pain. And forgiveness. Where I have learnt it takes initiation. And persistence. And it takes my time.

And I have seen God ministering to people.  That’s the wonderful part.  I have seen the impact of loving others as I learn to recognise and respond to His prompts.

And I have had precious encounters with God as he has shown me aspects of  Himself.

It’s a journey I feel I’ve just started. And absolutely want to continue!

Just today I read these beautiful words in another blog (the full post can be read on the link)

I believe there is new movement waking to Love. A movement like the Celtic saints of old.  Out of broken places comes beauty that transforms brokenness itself.  Interconnected communities embracing the marginalized, seeing the unseen, choosing the raw and real.  Supernatural molten hot glory filling our lives to be a river to the low places changing landscapes within and without. 

Michelle Perry



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