School has started back, summer holidays are over and 2012 rolls onwards.

I enter 2012 with no great word from God for the year. But with peace that He is.  And that His plans and His purposes are His, and that following Him, being sensitive to His timings, the year will unfold.

And change is afoot. I wrote a post back in November how I sensed change was approaching.  The door has opened to a new job beginning at the start of March, which excites me.  Just knowing God has opened the door, makes it an exciting move.  And other shufflings are happening, which make 2012 look like a fresh new year, and new beginnings.

Over my holiday, I visited the city of my birth – Rotorua. I was only weeks old when my parents moved, so I have never permanently lived there.  Yet ongoing connections with the city via a grandparent, and family property, meant I know the city fairly well…  although these connections ceased a good while ago, and I hadn’t been there for quite a few years.

Revisiting, I saw the city from a different viewpoint – literally.  I passed my favourite historic site – Te Wairoa, and thought of the changes that place has seen. It’s initial purpose long destroyed, yet flourshing again with a new purpose.

And that’s how life in God can be.  Our plans and ideas can vapourise due to any number of reasons, yet God is able to breathe into them life. And they can flourish again.. maybe looking different than before, but flourishing with life and purpose.

So 2012.  I welcome the year, and welcome God and all that He has instore!


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