In honour of Sunday School teachers.

Sunday School teachers. Kid’s church workers. Children’s programme leaders/helpers.  Whatever the lingo, here’s a post to celebrate your work.

I want to honour those of you that are called to minister to children. And to those of you who aren’t, but serve in this role nonetheless.

You turn up week after week, regardless of whether you feel prepared or not. You miss out on countless messages, prophetic words, morning teas, worship and prayer times. You can spend hours of your personal time preparing, or challenged by the lack of time and resources.

Yet, you minister into the very heart of our future nation.  You inspire, teach, train young ones, laying foundations for their lives.

I love how God loves children.  And how children do not have a small god.. they can have intimacy with the Holy Spirit as any of us.  I especially love God’s promise in Isaiah:

I will teach all your children,

and they will enjoy great peace. Isaiah 54:13

That God is even more desiring for children to grow in their relationship with Him, than we are. That we can trust Him in their journey of faith.

That doesn’t mean we dismiss our responsibility of ministering, teaching and training children, but we can trust God with them. That their ups and downs are part of their journey in Him, just as it is for us.

Over the years I have spent time running children’s programmes. I fit in the ‘nonetheless’ category.  There has been a need and I’ve stepped in.

A question I love to ask children when they come into their programme, after spending “worship time” with the adults, is what do they think the Holy Spirit was doing during worship?  Depending on the kids, I often get a stunned look. But it’s a great way for them to start thinking about worship time. About learning to sense the Holy Spirit, where the anointing was? What was happening around them.

Teaching them sensitivity to the presence of God.  To share in their journey of Jesus being revealed in their hearts.

And so, if you are ministering into small lives… I applaud your hard work. I recognise your challenges, and encourage you.  It’s a precious work that you do.







3 thoughts on “In honour of Sunday School teachers.

  1. as someone married to someone who is involved in childrens church and has been for over 15 years i love this post! esp this year as our church hasnt had a childrens church pastor for the year and a faithful team has done it pretty much 3 out of 4 weeks a month (or at least the senior leaders)

    and as a mother, i also applaud this post. because its not a baby sitting service but an opportunity for our kids to encounter God.

    its neat seeing our kids meet iwth God!

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