The burning

Jesus burns in our hearts when He reveals Himself.

A tweet I read this week:        @LouEngle: Draw near to that which causes you to burn inside. It may be a burning bush or a burning book but if you listen you may hear a Voice calling

So have you been burning on the inside? Is He speaking, is He leading you, is He revealing His heart, His purposes? 

Have you stopped to notice that which burns in you…. And how to respond?

Sometimes this is a journey in itself.

This past year He has been stirring something in me. I have this burning. The burning of His heart for His people. I am pained by the isolation in the church across my nation. I see and know many who are struggling in their faithful pursuit of seeing an awakening in this land.  I have seen marriages and ministries wiped out. I see others burnt out, exhausted, lonely, and troubled. We need to learn to support and love.

We need to ‘get our hands dirty’ in loving. Getting involved. Being encouragers (and even more as we see The Day approaching). Looking for opportunities to minister to one another.

I know this burning I feel is Jesus leading me towards this weakness in New Zealand. How it can be addressed is yet unknown. Another denomination is not the answer. I don’t have ‘ empire building credentials’, but I have my God, who desires unity and community far more than I do. God who can take the little I have and feed a multitude.  It’s in the leadings of the Holy Spirit. It’s in the responding to the quiet nudges. It’s starting somewhere.

And so I am burning. Jesus is revealing Himself. His heart.


One thought on “The burning

  1. I hear your heart in this cry. It seems to be something that is beginning to be heard here and there across the land. That is the encouraging part, there is something that God is awakening, a yearning and burning that He is igniting – in the midst of loneliness and isolation I feel that there are those He has lured into the wilderness in order that He might speak tenderly to them. They will come up from the wilderness leaning on their lover, and totally dependent on Him, ready to do His will.

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