God’s nature.

How great is God – beyond our understanding.. Job36:26

Can you by searching find out God? can you find out the limits of the Almighty?.. Job 11:7

Our God: The Great I Am, Creator, Father, Giver, Deliverer, Saviour, Healer, Friend, Holy, Majestic, Good, Faithful…..

You get the picture. God’s nature is far larger than our comprehension of Him. We know in part. He reveals glimpses of Himself to us. Some revelations come in an instant, an encounter with Him, caught up in His very presence. Others come through seasons of time.

And through these revelations (along with our own boxes, baggage, unchallenged ideologies, and imaginations), we see God in a certain way. We minister out from this place, and we minister this aspect of Him to those around us.

It is something I have been contemplating recently. I look at the variety of (Christian) ministries globally and throughout history. And there are many differing streams, styles, denominations etc around. We all tend to have our favourites. The ones we ‘align’ ourselves with. Follow. We tend to choose those that have a similar revelation of God we have, or desire to have.

What irks me, is that we dismiss or even worse, speak against those that minister an aspect of God’s nature that we haven’t encountered, or understand.  (Don’t panic – I’m talking scriptural truth.. don’t get all upset that I’m endorsing strange unbiblical doctrine!). Although truth can appear strange to our conceptions!

Weaknesses, cultural differences (even volume – too loud – too quiet)!! are picked apart. And we miss the treasure. Not one of us is perfect. We need each other. It’s called The Body. We need each others’ revelations. To inspire us to seek revelation of aspects of His nature we haven’t yet received.

Encountering God in fresh ways, is encountering aspects of His nature. Who do you know Him as? Who is He to you? Why don’t you begin praying to known Him afresh?

I pray fresh revelation. Fresh encounter. Fresh intimacy.


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