That ‘about-to-have-an-adventure’ feeling


Have you ever experienced that ‘about-to-have-an-adventure’ feeling? A restlessness, the smell of change, an unsettledness that suddenly turns up?  I haven’t felt it in awhile… but the last two days it has suddenly appeared.

I can’t call it a pleasant feeling due to the unknown, but it is exciting. Something…… (dramatic drum-roll) is about to change.

I love how the Holy Spirit guides us. Surrendering our paths to His plans and purposes, and having complete trust that He is for us…does not make for a boring life! It doesn’t mean we sit back and wait, and it doesn’t mean we rush around pushing very door we find, to see which will work for us. It can mean both, and it can mean neither. It is being sensitive to His leadings, and responding to them. It can take stepping out in faith. It can challenge us. Our thinking, our securities, our comfort. And it can be refreshing, healing, a new season, a new freedom.

And this afternoon things took a step towards the unknown..

I work part-time for a local business, and have enjoyed the perfect start and finish times, to work in with my day. (Probably even more than the work itself:p ) Due to changes, I was told my role will probably require a full-time worker. In other words (my own paraphrase).. I can decide to work full-time or look for another job.

So, at this point I am feeling the exhilaration of the adventure ahead. I know God’s hand is in the outcome.

And I’ll keep you posted!


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