The reveal

Luke 24. Now there is a chapter to read and re-read. And re-read again!

I was reading it earlier this week. And have been soaking in the words of verse 31.

Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him, and he disappeared from their sight.  Luke 24:31

Or in my phone’s Bible reader.. ‘ He became invisible’

Either way – what an awesome account of Jesus revealing himself to a few folks. At first they don’t recognise Him as He teaches about Himself, but later as they have a meal together and He breaks bread, their eyes are opened. They see Him as Jesus. Their Saviour. The Son of God. And then He vanishes.

Reading this makes me hunger all the more. Hunger for having encounters with Jesus. For greater intimacy with Him. For more of His Manifest presence. For His Supernatural self. I love how He blows our minds and boxes of how we think He should come. I pray that I will always recognise Him, and what He is doing.

I pray for an awakening in this land. Where eyes are opened to His presence. Where Jesus reveals Himself.  I think of awakenings in our global history. How communities are changed because of encountering Him, and His Righteousness.  Think about it… Marae becoming communities of deliverance and healings.  Police bored because crime has stopped (it happened in Wales). Doctors retiring because the medical centres are empty. Traditional rush hour traffic and congested areas radically altered because priorities have changed.

Names added to the Book of Life. Eternity in the Presence of God.

So, I pray for Jesus to be revealed. In each of us. In powerful life changing encounters. That His Word would burn in us. The understanding of who He is.

Come Lord Jesus, Come!


God’s nature.

How great is God – beyond our understanding.. Job36:26

Can you by searching find out God? can you find out the limits of the Almighty?.. Job 11:7

Our God: The Great I Am, Creator, Father, Giver, Deliverer, Saviour, Healer, Friend, Holy, Majestic, Good, Faithful…..

You get the picture. God’s nature is far larger than our comprehension of Him. We know in part. He reveals glimpses of Himself to us. Some revelations come in an instant, an encounter with Him, caught up in His very presence. Others come through seasons of time.

And through these revelations (along with our own boxes, baggage, unchallenged ideologies, and imaginations), we see God in a certain way. We minister out from this place, and we minister this aspect of Him to those around us.

It is something I have been contemplating recently. I look at the variety of (Christian) ministries globally and throughout history. And there are many differing streams, styles, denominations etc around. We all tend to have our favourites. The ones we ‘align’ ourselves with. Follow. We tend to choose those that have a similar revelation of God we have, or desire to have.

What irks me, is that we dismiss or even worse, speak against those that minister an aspect of God’s nature that we haven’t encountered, or understand.  (Don’t panic – I’m talking scriptural truth.. don’t get all upset that I’m endorsing strange unbiblical doctrine!). Although truth can appear strange to our conceptions!

Weaknesses, cultural differences (even volume – too loud – too quiet)!! are picked apart. And we miss the treasure. Not one of us is perfect. We need each other. It’s called The Body. We need each others’ revelations. To inspire us to seek revelation of aspects of His nature we haven’t yet received.

Encountering God in fresh ways, is encountering aspects of His nature. Who do you know Him as? Who is He to you? Why don’t you begin praying to known Him afresh?

I pray fresh revelation. Fresh encounter. Fresh intimacy.

That ‘about-to-have-an-adventure’ feeling


Have you ever experienced that ‘about-to-have-an-adventure’ feeling? A restlessness, the smell of change, an unsettledness that suddenly turns up?  I haven’t felt it in awhile… but the last two days it has suddenly appeared.

I can’t call it a pleasant feeling due to the unknown, but it is exciting. Something…… (dramatic drum-roll) is about to change.

I love how the Holy Spirit guides us. Surrendering our paths to His plans and purposes, and having complete trust that He is for us…does not make for a boring life! It doesn’t mean we sit back and wait, and it doesn’t mean we rush around pushing very door we find, to see which will work for us. It can mean both, and it can mean neither. It is being sensitive to His leadings, and responding to them. It can take stepping out in faith. It can challenge us. Our thinking, our securities, our comfort. And it can be refreshing, healing, a new season, a new freedom.

And this afternoon things took a step towards the unknown..

I work part-time for a local business, and have enjoyed the perfect start and finish times, to work in with my day. (Probably even more than the work itself:p ) Due to changes, I was told my role will probably require a full-time worker. In other words (my own paraphrase).. I can decide to work full-time or look for another job.

So, at this point I am feeling the exhilaration of the adventure ahead. I know God’s hand is in the outcome.

And I’ll keep you posted!