Ahhh. Rest.  I like how God created rest. In fact under the old covenant (prior to Jesus’s death and resurrection),  it was part of the law. One was ordered to rest on the 7th day. Obviously abused over time, Jesus challenged the thinking of the day when He healed on the Sabbath.

We live in a 24 hour/ 7 days a week society. Having the traditional Sunday off as a rest day is no longer practical for many. But the heart of rest remains. Time out from the business of life. Time just to be. To be led to the still waters, to be refreshed and healed.

As I write this, I am holidaying in Raglan. Sitting looking out at the harbour, volcanic mountain, and bush. It is a physical place of rest for me. A place where I can stop and listen to the Holy Spirit.  Soak in His presence.  Be refreshed. Dream.

Rest is something to be scheduled into our lives. It’s not selfish. Not a waste of our time.  – It’s vital. So go ahead and plan. Take time out to be with our God. To encounter His refreshing, healing waters. Take time out to be.


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