‘That’ prayer meeting

Prayer meetings.  Either you love them or hate them. They are  great when God’s presence is there.  Moving mountains. (The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.) When God speaks, I can live off and soak in those words and revelations for weeks. Months. But if it’s a dry session, then it’s just plain hardwork. Important work yes. But hardwork. The beauty is, He always surprises me. And this prayer meeting was one of those times.

How it began I don’t recall. Probably weary from a week of work, and struggling to stay focused on what was being said… suddenly God interrupts. I found myself  feeling like I was in a flyover over New Zealand.  Looking down over this nation. I felt a zooming in of two places, namely Christchurch and Kawerau. (So a special hello to you if you come from either!)  Along with this view of NZ that I had, I could sense the struggles of the pastors and workers through-out the country. The small churches, the tired faithful pastors , kids church leaders, worship team members, the servers, that lone church drummer, the cleaners, the ones that serve faithfully week after week. Believing God for revival. For their churches and communities to be awakened. Little to no resources. Hidden, unsupported. Yet faithful. And my heart went out to them. To you. God sees you. And it’s to you I write this blog.


The Start

So this is the beginning. Welcome!

The beginning seems to be the hardest place to start.  A random prayer meeting mid 2010 stands out. Random in the sense that I can not remember when it was, or even what we had started off praying about. What I do recall however, is what God lay on my heart, and the subsequent journey that has unfolded from that evening…

That, I think is where I will start.